Star Wars Edge of the Empire: For A Few Credits More

Hutts can in theory live for a millennium or longer, but to say that’s rare is an understatement. By their nature Hutts lives are filled with violence, danger, and treachery. Those who manage to live long enough to face death by old age are those who accumulated great wealth and influence. Influcence and wealth no one during a war would like to see go to waste when it could do so much good for them.

The year is 2 ABY and the Galactic Civil War is in full swing. Far away from the battlefronts and political theater that now shakes most of the galaxy, Appa the Hutt, a venerable and now ancient crime lord, is now facing thousand years of age and has announced his plans to retire. Before he does he plans to host one last party on his cruise liner King Midas, and of course anyone who is anyone is going. Moffs, Admirals, crime lords, legendary bounty hunters, famed smugglers, and of course you.

You might be going just for fun, to keep up apperances, or because of the vast array of rumors surrounding Appa’s last public apperance. Some say the party is just a pretext to him relinquishing his treasure and criminal empire to his allies and would be hiers. Some say Hutts don’t give anything away for free and he’s selling it all to the highest bidder. Nonetheless something big is about to go down. You don’t have to be genius to see it

Star Wars Edge of the Empire: For a Few Credits More